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Jolabokaflod Book Deal

Ah, Jolabokaflod (Christmas Book Flood), the Icelandic tradition of gifting books on Christmas Eve. Icelanders will stay up tonight, reading and eating chocolate. To help celebrate this wonderful tradition, my women's fiction novel (CIRCUS IN A SHOT GLASS) is on sale for only 99 cents from This deal lasts today only. The price will be going… Continue reading Jolabokaflod Book Deal

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Sales: The Cold, Hard Truth

Wow, that is not a catchy headline for this blog post. Sorry, guys. I guess I've been a bit of a downer IRL lately. Online? I haven't been as present, as you've probably noticed from my lack of posts. I really want to be positive on here, so I'm going to deviate a minute from… Continue reading Sales: The Cold, Hard Truth

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A Q&A: Christopher’s Question

Recently, a friend posed this question on Facebook, and I decided to post my answer here on this blog: Q: How do you know what errors/typos you have [when you edit]? – Christopher A: That’s an excellent question. There are different style guides that a publisher will go by. Or, if you’re self-publishing, there’s The… Continue reading A Q&A: Christopher’s Question

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Pre-order Circus in a Shot Glass, Get a Free Read

Circus in a Shot Glass is now available for pre-order from Amazon! If you pre-order before next Tuesday (the book's release date) and email proof of purchase to, I will send you a FREE preview of my novelette Things Heard in a Graveyard, due out this November. Order here. Offer ends 9/4/18.    

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Tea: This Writer’s Beverage of Choice

Tea is a yummy beverage with a rich history and cool customs. “I like tea. Tea doesn’t make me sad.” – Circus in a Shot Glass (Clean Reads 2018) Everyone has a preferred beverage or two. My brother’s is diet Mountain Dew. My niece’s is chocolate milk (or Olive Garden’s berry smoothie, depending on what… Continue reading Tea: This Writer’s Beverage of Choice


Kindness in Literature

There's been a lot of negativity in online communities as of late. And while it's important to keep up with politics (to a point); and be a social activist, standing up against the lions of's also so very, very much needed to be kind and focus on positive things. Here, for all our sakes,… Continue reading Kindness in Literature