Things I am thankful for (in no particular order) : My family My friends Jesus' gift of salvation 🙂 My cats My home My church The Internet (though, that can be a mixed bag...) My abilities and gifts That I sold a short story to Zoetic Press Creative writing group Thank you, God, and thank… Continue reading Thankful



So, the schedule a post button got over-excited and decided to publish instead. Oops. Sorry if you got a notification, came here and was like "What?" Have a great remainder of your Sunday, and happy bake/cook like mad week! Keep your pen on the page, and may your turkey not be dry! ~Beth


The Art of the Start

^Behold the playlist. I started! I started! I started writing The S.A.P.I.E.N. Complex! Eh, it's a working title...maybe. Could go by another title, but it would be somewhat of a spoiler, and you know how I hate spoilers. ANYWAY... Sometimes, you've just gotta be happy about the small things. Hey, I can't finish the novel… Continue reading The Art of the Start