Miscellany Janey

Guess what! I have a free short novel (a work-in-progress, really) that I am posting in increments on Wattpad. Interested? It’s called Racing Through Time, and it’s about time travel (duh-doi, right?) Plus I’m active on Tumblr again…Behold!

And don’t think I haven’t forgotten you, O those who have signed up for my kindness/encouragement experiment. I have seven pre-made emails to send you. Then we can have one-on-one chats/email-exchanging for brainstorming or what-have-you. That way, maybe I can personalize the encouragement 🙂 This all begins in February.

WHOA. Hold the phones. February is almost upon us. CRAZINESS!

Oh, and if you decide you don’t want to see my encouragement emails in your inbox, just tell me, and I shall stop sending them to you. But I really hope they’re encouraging enough (in a non-annoying way) that you’ll continue wanting to receive them.

Well, that’s it for now. Keep your pen on the page,


Better Than Gray on Grey

A New Look for a New Year!

I’ve messed around a bit with the look of the blog. Whatchoo think?

If you’ll take a look to you left, glorious blank space (ooh la la!) Up above (repetitive, no?) a mug shot…but not mine. And on the right, next to that blog content stuff (who cares? No, I’m serious! SOMEBODY LOVE ME!), is my scroll-y sidebar of wonder, stuff and things. I feel I should capitalize that…


Exclamation. Exclamation. Exclamation. (Ex=no more, clam=a tight-lipped water creature. I had sugar. What’s YOUR excuse?)

The stuff and things are the ever-shiny follow button, a tag cloud for my posts, and the progress bars for my two works-in-progress. CIASG is a bit readier than it appears (I should update), as is “Goblets” novel (if only by ten words.)

I feel I should give you a treat for reading through all of that. I don’t know if this counts, but here is the last sentence I wrote (in all its unpolished wretchedness):

It would seem a useless exercise at this point, for their alcove was quite surrounded by the red eyes, whose owners’ growls and cries pierced the night.

Keep your pen on the page,

Stay Warm!

There’s some serious snow-age in the east coast. I have a very useful link for you: How to stay warm when the power goes out <– Click me.

A reminder to those whose weather is growing colder: Do NOT put down salt while it’s raining, even if the rain will soon turn to ice and snow. The salt will melt and become useless, wasting your precious commodity.

Also, look out for your elderly neighbors, your pets, and your neighbor’s pets, and the homeless. If you see someone out in the cold, there are hotlines to call.

Thinking of and praying for the many people without power, trying to stay warm and calm. That’s important: do not panic.

Keep your pen on the page and stay warm,

End of January Report

Words written this year thus far: (at least) 7,910
Submissions made: 1
Rejections: 1 (for a submission made last year)
Creative writing group sessions planned and executed: 1 (with another one going on later today)

See, I’m making progress. Slow progress, but progress. Oh, and I got hit upside the head with another non-fiction book idea. Arr–I mean ugh. Don’t want you to get the wrong impression and think that my non-fic is about pirates 😉

How about YOU? What progress dost thou have to report?

As always, keep your pen on the page,

When Life Hands You Lemons…

Throw them back. HARD.

Can I be honest? I mean, really drop-my-guard-and-tell-it-like-it-is honest?

2015 ended on a sour note, and 2016 hasn’t been very bright so far. I don’t want to get into specifics. I’m discouraged. And when you’re discouraged, you might say something you’ll later regret.

That being said…

This writing and publishing business/game? It’s hard. I mean, really, really hard. You get to hear no a LOT, seldom (if ever) with any reason as to why. Sometimes a yes turns into a no. Sometimes the words seem to run dry. Other times, there is only silence.

The good news? I’m stronger than I thought I was. And with each plot twist in this journey, I find I can bear even more than the previous twist of the knife.

That doesn’t mean I don’t lie awake some nights, wondering what the heck I’m doing with my life. It doesn’t mean I don’t cry over spilled ink. No. The point is this: even though we groan under our loads, we shove back. We may quit for a moment, but when that moment is over, we’re back on the bike.

You can do this, friend. I can do this. One blasted difficult step at a time.

Keep your pen on the page,

Aspiring Authors

Aspiring authors (and those who may already have some work out there),

I’m trying an experiment for a month. For five writers, I will put together a daily email of encouragement/motivation/ideas/prompts/etc. I will also individually cheer-lead these writers and review/revisit/revise goals with those five at the end of each week. This will be starting in February.

If you’re interested, I have three free slots (there are two writer friends I have in mind to encourage this way, and they get first dibs.)

So, if you want a FREE cheerleader and sounding board, email me at bethovermyer@gmail.com with the words “OPERATION: ENCOURAGE” in your subject line. Note that no attachments will be opened or sent.

This is an experiment and also an opportunity for me to give back to the writing community, which has already given so much to me. First come, first served!

Keep your pen on the page,