What’s in a Name?

Hey there, guys. Today I have news–NO! Not THAT kind of news (and by “THAT” kind of news, I mean publishing news…don’t have it.) I have news about what’s going on behind the curtain.

For a while, I’ve been tinkering–hehe–around with the idea of a pen name. A nom de plume. An alter-ego. Clark Kent and Superman. Bruce Wayne and Batman. Hugh Jackman and Wolverine…*cough* But why? Beth’s no vigilante, roaming the streets in a cape and mask, bringing justice to the dark underbelly of society–right?  No, I roam the streets in a cape and mask because I like dress-up. Deal with it…and stop handing me candy. It’s insulting.

The reason I am going with a pen name is because I write both children’s (middle grade and young adult) and regular old adult fiction. By having a pen name in place, you’ll know better what kind of book you’ll be getting. This doesn’t solve the multiple-genre issue, but it at least takes care of age category.

So if you want to check out books by Beth Overmyer, MG & YA author, stick around here. But if you want more mature material, head on over to S.M. Tinker’s blog: http://smtinker.wordpress.com.

That’s what’s up in the Bethverse. Please stay tuned here–or there–or BOTH!

Keep your pen on the page,


Ranty McRantPants

In case you missed it, I went on a mini Twitter-rant the other day. It was nothing big. Nothing extreme. Just a rant about a TV show that I’ve been trying to watch. Read on, remembering to start at the bottom and work your way to the top:


Twitter Rant

This was actually a just-for-fun rant. The show is entertaining. If I can stop biting my nails to stubs, I might finish the second episode 😉

Keep your pen on the page,
Beth McRantyPants


Making Plans

So, okay, I haz plans! Every night at 10:00 I sit down and write until I reach at least 500 words 🙂 I’ve done this two nights in a row, and am 1,100 words richer–huzzah!

I’m trying not to care if the words aren’t 100% awesome–and they never are, first draft–and it is working so far. Who said it? “You can’t edit a blank page.” So true.

My “Goblets” novel is up past 30,000 words. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless.

I’d encourage you to set a specific time to get your writing or tasks done. It’s workin’ for me!

Keep your pen on the page,

Am Reading

I have quite a few books on my TBR (to be read) pile–over 200, oy. Right now I’m reading:

  • The Infinite Sea
  • Lois Lane: Double Down

along with a few others, which I’m not reading as “actively.” Those two books I mentioned above? Both YA. YA reader and proud, y’all!

Maybe that’s why I’ve been so quiet on social media these last few days: I’ve been reading. Or maybe I’ve gotten a case of shyness. Hmm. Will explore.

Keep your pen on the page,