The Usual Cliche Horror Stories: Colds

Men and women supposedly react very differently when sick. I don’t like to sort people into groups, but this is what I’ve witnessed in my family:

Sick Dad: *feeble voice* i am so sick. i am dying. want me to cough for you?

Sick Sister: I will not get sick. I will sanitize ALL THE THINGS.

Sick Mom: I’m sick? Oh.

Me: I HATE ALL YOU PEOPLE! *curls up, growling* STAY AWAY!

Yes, I turn into a freakin’, raging LUNATIC. And guess how I’m doing right now? You guessed it: I’m a freakin’, raging LUNATIC. Achoo. Bless me…THEN LEAVE ME ALONE!

^^Okay, so I exaggerated maybe just a little (at least, with me.) If Rach or I get hurt, we’re EXACTLY that. I mean, you just stubbed your toe. The last thing you want to say is “I’m OK.” No,  I want to scream profanities. I am NOT OK. I am the polar OPPOSITE of OK, okay?

But when I’m sick? Right now I just want to curl up with a book. Sadly, life will not let me do that. I have to adult. I do not want to adult. *sobs*

Keep your pen on the page…and please pass the tissues,


Today’s Words…

Today I got to write with my good friend Ruthie! Here are my observations:

Hot, brisk tea on my tongue. The cool lulling in the air speaks, whispers “fall.” My skin saps in the moisture, the remnants of the morning, from the air. Crick, tap, skatch, rum. Two men snerk over good times and sports. The skateboard turns out to be rolling luggage. And I am hit with a tidal wave of crisp, nose-twitching perfume. Corny jokes. HA! I can see the moon.


I’m going to write the book one day. A memoir/self-help book entitled: How Bethy Got Her Groove Back. Hmm. Might need to work on that one…


It will be the book of books, one to tell people how I bungee-jumped off the Cliffs of Insanity and lived to tell the tale, and there were no ROUS I could not slay (might’ve gotten a bit singed in the Fire Swamp, but that’s another book for another time.) Inconceivable!


What I mean is, this book will give a plethora of ideas, tips, advice, and guidance on the subject of over-coming self-doubt and regaining joy in what you’re doing: writing. If I were to hazard a guess, I might write something like this:

  1. Remind yourself why you started writing.
  2. Post inspirational quotes where you can see them.

And I have no idea what number three is. Huh. HBGHGB is looking to be a very short book….


Just a reminder to keep your pen on the page and don’t give up on your dreams. If you do, I’ll find you and force-feed you chocolate. Because I’m firm yet nice like that.


Soooo…THAT Didn’t Happen

Did not write 15k? Do not collect your dignity. Go straight to jail.

Just kidding…well, about the dignity thing. I failed to write 15,000 words on the third. But I’m not giving up on myself or my writing. Things have just been a bit stressful lately. It’s a blip. It’ll pass.

What about you? Have you met any goals lately? Set any goals?

Keep your pen on the page,

It’s September?


I’m just going to touch base briefly. My stats this year have been…well, not very good. BUT I’ve written over 88,000 words, guys! WOOT! And tomorrow I plan on trying to write…

15,000 words!

…because I am a masochist.

Care to join me in setting a ridiculous goal for tomorrow? Post in the comments, and we can root each other on.

Keep your pen on the page,