Pens on the Page

There is nothing quite like curling up with a good book, a cup of hot tea, and a purring kitty. Of course, the cat will inevitably start biting your petting hand, you’ll spill some tea on yourself, and someone will start talking to you.

Reader Interrupted

I want to write books that cause that look, the look that says “Really? You interrupted my book for that?!” I want to create a world so interesting that the reader loses themselves and their worries in it.

Which means I need to study my craft by reading books that do that to me. And I should also, you know, actually WRITE MY OWN.

As you can see from the meter on the sidebar, the goblets novel is close to 90,000 words. My goal is to reach 100,000 words before November, and 110,000 words before the year is out. The tricky part for me, the reason why this is taking so long, is letting go and writing a crappy first draft. So I’ve created a mantra, one which I should really post near my computer:

I can fix it later. Just get it down.

Before it can captivate, I need to capture the bare bones of it on paper/screen. That’s not a tall order. So I’ll grab my tea, fend off the cat, and I’ll put my pen to that page and say, “You interrupted my writing for that?!”

Keep your pen on the page,


New Look


It’s around 4:50 in the morning on Thursday, and I am awake. When I’m awake at times like these, I internet (yes, I just made that a verb. Deal with it.) Well, I was looking at my blog, and though I liked the colors, it didn’t look as crisp and organized as I want. That’s why I changed it to look like my S.M. Tinker blog.

I hope this makes things more accessible and appealing to people.


Keep your pen on the page,

Juggling Flaming Sticks

I’m still trying to figure out writing as a career. It’s one thing to do it as a hobby, but a totally different animal to try to make a living out of it (you may thank me now, fans of the obvious.) Not that I’m trying to make a living from it. Yet. Here are some of my thoughts…


It’s one thing to talk about writing. I need to actually produce.

  • Write fiction every day, whether I feel like it or not
  • Try different avenues (non-fiction, audio, and so forth)
  • Keep up with my craft (study, research, and talk to other writers)


Over the past few years, I’ve been slowly trying to establish an online presence. To be honest, I need to ramp that up a bit. Here are some things I’m considering:

  • Blogging oftener
  • Starting an e-newsletter (quarterly)
  • Commenting oftener and on more blogs
  • Following more blogs
  • Facebook-ing and Tweeting oftener and with more intentional posts
  • Researching what does and doesn’t work for online sales
  • Following more people on Twitter

Lady Catherine Says: 365 Tweets of Condescension goes into print this December (2017.) My editor is working on the last twenty pages, and I need to give my cover artist a nudge. That’s been on my mind, and it’s important. But I need to have a plan in advance for AFTER (and more before) the release if I want the book to sell. Here are some of my plans:

  • Book signings
  • Book reviewers
  • Ads on Jane Austen sites (partner with one to sell copies?)
  • Book launch (in person and online)
  • Book tour (?)

Then there’s the ideas on the back burners, percolating; the projects I’m writing; the projects I’m editing; and the projects I’m looking for a homes for. Lots going on in a very small kitchen.

Any advice for me? I’m all ears!

Keep your pen on the page,

Monday Disguised as Friday

Today has not been the best day in the Bethverse. I won’t go into details, but it feels like a Monday. And I know how you all hate Mondays. *insert collective groan here*

Here’s a lame-butt attempt at a drawing to cheer us all up:


*insert collective screams here*

Yeah. Nothing done for Camp NaNowriMo. But I did manage to get some more lyric-age approved for sale on Songbay. Here’s my profile: S.M. Tinker. Oh, and I edited a little, so win?

Keep your pen on the page,

Sing a Song of Sixpence…


Both of my lyrics made it through evaluations and are now available for sale on the Songbay website. Woot! Here’s a link to my profile: Beth’s Profile.

Other news? Well, In a Pickle is still 99 cents on Amazon…

Other, other news? I heard from a developmental editor for one of the anthologies I’m part of. Waiting for her to send me edits *bites nails*

Life has been kind of slow and distracted and weird, and that’s okay. I just don’t want it to stay this way, you know?

Anyway, hope you’re all surviving the summer/winter!

Keep your pen on the page,


I have news, dear readers…and I know how you like news 😉

I’ve had two short stories accepted for publication by two separate (print) anthologies! The Captive should come out from Spark in a few months. The other story is called Dial E For Evil, and it’ll appear in Mighty Quill Books’ anthology entitled It Came From the Boiler Room. I think I’m okay saying that. The contracts have been signed and turned in. Le gulp.

Other news: As you can see from my sidebar, I’ve joined a site called Songbay. It’s a site where artists can sell their lyrics and music. I have two songs that I submitted to the site. If they make it through evaluation, they’ll be for sale in the next day or so.

Is anyone doing Camp NaNoWriMo? I signed up, but I haven’t started yet–gulp!

Keep your pen on the page,