W-wait! Did You Hear Something?

...I think it came from the boiler room! Okay, enough teasing/weirding around. The anthology my story's in is available for pre-order from Amazon: Tales From the Boiler Room. That's the e-book version. Print should be available soon as well 🙂 There are eight horror/weird fantasy/dark fantasy stories by different authors--all with touches of humor. Mine's… Continue reading W-wait! Did You Hear Something?


Coming Soon: Cover Reveal!

On September first, I am going to reveal the cover art for the print version of In a Pickle...here on this blog 😀 Stay tuned for that! Things going on right now: The goblets novel (fantasy) still needs to be finished. I am close to 90,000 words...gotta keep movin' ahead without looking back. The Write… Continue reading Coming Soon: Cover Reveal!