Trigger Warnings

Greetings! It would seem that edits for Circus in a Shot Glass are done! ...knock on wood. I mean, I haven't heard anything, but I'm assuming that they are. But there was something I was wrestling with that I contacted Clean Reads about: Does my book need a trigger warning? First, let me explain what… Continue reading Trigger Warnings


Drawings and Writings

"Breathing Lessons" by Beth Overmyer   So, this past week was a bit of a struggle. I was sick, tired, and had many pages of galley left to proof. But I MADE IT! Galleys - CHECK Sickness - LICKED (mostly) Tiredness - Errrrr...two out of three? And I picked up the fantasy novel again, the… Continue reading Drawings and Writings


A Short History of Lady Catherine Says

I didn't know about Jane Austen. I mean, wasn't she some long-dead author of some novel-book-thingies? Yeah, they sounded too girly. I was a tomboy. So I read lots of good books, mostly genre (which is great!) But until around 2005, I did not know what I was missing. My friends the Allen family introduced… Continue reading A Short History of Lady Catherine Says