Lady Catherine Says: 365 Tweets of Condescension (parody)

In a Pickle (the print version)

Social media:

Twitter: Bethyo

Facebook: Beth Overmyer Author Page

G+: Beth Overmyer

Contact: bethovermyer@gmail.com


From fantastical kidlit to everyday popular fiction, Beth knits together her prose in a small Ohio town. Her hobbies do not include cat-hating or traveling. She adores her cat Cricket, and traveling will happen someday. For now, the farthest Beth travels is the western parts of her brain during cold, dark months of editing. In 2008, her screenplay The Method won best comedy in Gotham Screen’s contest, and her MG book In a Pickle (2012) is out from MuseItUp Publishing. Whatever the genre or age group, Beth is more than ecstatic to let her imagination take the wheel.

Sold and published work:

Lady Catherine Says (2017)

In a Pickle (print, 2017)

Dial E for Evil (Tales From the Boiler Room, 2017)

The Price of Secrets (Alphanumeric, 2016)

– In a Pickle (middle grade book, MuseItUp Publishing, 2012)

– Mirror Image (short story, Notes From the Underground Anthology by the Literary Lab, 2011)

– Scott Joplin: A Musician’s Biography (short piece sold to SAT Kahuna online practice tests, 2008)

– Toys as a Rehearsal for Reality (short piece sold to SAT Kahuna online practice tests, 2008)

– William Cowper: A Writer With Mental Illness (short piece sold to SAT Kahuna online practice tests, 2008)

– A Fairy Tale Intervention (short story, AlienSkin.)

– Red (short story, The Lorelei Signal.)

IAP cover twitter



– Best comedy: Gotham Screen’s 2008 screenwriting competition (The Method)

– Honorable mention for a short story: Allegory’s 2010 spring/summer issue (Red)


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