This is Your Captain Speaking…

This might be the last NaNo update I post this year. It’s been real. It’s been a blast. But I’m getting stressed. Not pressured, where you write and are like “I can do this! RAH ME! Go, team, go!” No. This is obsessive stressed. Like, “If I don’t do this right and stay ahead, I am going to DIE before the month is out” stressed.

So, this is it. Behold:

NaNod Out

But look at that lifetime achievement total: 92,020!



I did a post on Facebook and a post on Twitter the other day. I’d had an epiphany, inspired by a post that a fellow Believer had written on the web. The revelation was something I already knew, but could easily be lost in the hustle and bustle of trying to get noticed: people are important and they are not numbers. Yes, this is great. This is true. But I’m left asking: how does one apply this to marketing? Hold onto your butts. I’m not done.

I want to sell books and be read. I’d be foolish to just write books, publish them, and expect everyone to just run and buy them. A publisher isn’t going to want an author who’s lazy about the marketing aspect of things. I agreed with the statement in the article that good work is like a city on a hill: it can’t help but be noticed. This is kind of true, but a little not.

These statements ring truer to me:

People are important to God. They are not numbers.


God does not reward laziness. The faithful servant is the one who makes a wise investment of his time and provisions and opportunities.

Where does that leave me? I don’t want to use people. But is a plumber using people by putting ads in the paper or his number in the Yellow Pages? Does a baker just shrug when people ask her what she does? How am I being a light on a hill if I’m writing covertly in a corner and not talking to people?

In conclusion…

  1. I am not going to shove my work down your throat
  2. But I’m also not going to pretend that it’s not out there

There rest I need to figure out. Please be patient with me. I’m frustrated and a little NaNoWriMo’d out :/

Keep your pen on the page,



NaNoWriMo is going well. *rubs hands together and cackles* As you can see from the chart above, I am a little ahead of schedule…which is a very good thing, because of week two doldrums. It seems to happen every year: I get ahead, and then by day seven, the words just aren’t coming. I am not planning on letting that happen this year. I am going to try to keep at least one day ahead (preferably two) this week, and on Saturday, I plan to aim for 10,000 words.


In other news: I have some publishing news to share soon! I’ve told my Facebook friends the gist of the news, but you won’t hear it until December-ish. Sorry!

Other than writing, I am trying to learn patience. I don’t want to have to learn patience. I wish it came naturally. Actually, I wish there was no need for patience in the first place (which just goes to show you how impatient I am.)

That’s it for now.

Keep your pen on the page,

The Art of the Start

NaNo Playlist Thing

^Behold the playlist.

I started! I started! I started writing The S.A.P.I.E.N. Complex! Eh, it’s a working title…maybe. Could go by another title, but it would be somewhat of a spoiler, and you know how I hate spoilers. ANYWAY…

Sometimes, you’ve just gotta be happy about the small things. Hey, I can’t finish the novel if I don’t start it. And it is a rough start. But it is also a rough draft. And, as Hemingway said, “The first draft of anything is…the s-word” …only, Hemingway didn’t have kids reading his blog. Hemingway didn’t have a blog, even, but I digress.

I am 3,000+ words into NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, for those who don’t know.) I am so hoping I don’t have to brush up my Russian accent!

I tra’el the weerld an’za se’wen seas….

Motivation/Consequences: Beth Vs. NaNo

So, I took a break from writing yesterday, as I usually do on Sundays. BUT I did some plotting. And I did some more plotting today. And I am so excited I can’t even…I think that’s why I accidentally wrote two NaNoWriMo posts and, er, posted them. Oops. Forgive me? Please?

Here’s a picture of a blue crab to make up for it:


But now I need some motivation to finish NaNoWriMo. I’ve done it three or so times (not including Camp NaNoWriMo), but have never quite made it to the required 50,000 words before December 1st. SO. If I…fall short this year…there needs to be consequences. Fun consequences, because that’s how I roll.


What should happen, should I fail to write 50k next month? These are your options:

A) I’ll do an audio reading of the first page of my middle grade project “How NOT to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse”

B) I’ll read the song of your choosing in either an awful Irish, French, Cockney, English, or Russian accent.

C) A free e-copy of In a Pickle to one random commenter

And now I’ve written yet another post about NaNoWriMo.


Something tells me^ you’ll live

NaNo is Coming

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), as I believe I’ve mentioned, quickly approacheth. That means late hours, lots of caffeine, a sense of panic and dread, lack of sleep, madness…Wait, panic and dread? Really?

Here are some ways to overcome your fear of writing 50,000 words in 30 days:

  1. Don’t participate – Run away while you can!

Hehehe. OKAY:

  1. Set your own goal for November; it’s not so much about writing a whole novel as it is actually getting words on paper, isn’t it? IMO, anyway.
  2. Write as much as you possibly can stand to the first week. After that, it gets harder.
  3. Use the Writer’s Block program I shared with you on Monday. Set small goals several times a day. It adds up fast!
  4. Reward yourself when you’ve reached certain milestones. Wrote the recommended 1,667 words for the day? A bag of M&Ms for you!

Not interested in writing a novel? Not interested in writing PERIOD? Hmm. That is a foreign concept to me. Data not computing…malfunctioning…Bzzt..brrssttt…ARGH!