The Day I Bought Steampunky Gloves

So, I found an excuse to own pleather gloves that stink like the real thing. Why? Because I had this wonderful idea of being a writer. Let me back up: I had the wonderful idea of what defined a real writer. Maybe. Read on. Jo March from Little Women had a hat she wore when… Continue reading The Day I Bought Steampunky Gloves


A Watched Pot BURNS!

Okay, that title is a little melodramatic, yes? Yes. But what in the name of Asgard am I talking about? Glad you asked... I have mentioned that I hate waiting. I hate waiting for the mail-carrier to come in the afternoon or early morning or late evening or WHENEVER SHE FREAKING DECIDES TO SHOW UP… Continue reading A Watched Pot BURNS!


The Art of Hearing “No!”

No one likes to hear no...unless they're a masochist. Writers, artists, actors, poets, etc. must hear no way more than the average human being (had to differentiate between us and cats: "NO, TIGGER! Get off the table!") But how to handle no? It feels like rejection. It feels personal, when someone rejects our "children" aka… Continue reading The Art of Hearing “No!”