Buttload of Writing to Do

The list of things to be written is growing. Oi vey. Do you want to see the list of titles? OF COURSE YOU DO! Projects in no particular order (all are in various stages of development) Excalibur Lucan and the Medieval Murders Doggone It!: An Arthur Slow Mystery They Were Heroes: Jane Austen Willoughby’s Regrets Racing… Continue reading Buttload of Writing to Do


A Watched Pot BURNS!

Okay, that title is a little melodramatic, yes? Yes. But what in the name of Asgard am I talking about? Glad you asked... I have mentioned that I hate waiting. I hate waiting for the mail-carrier to come in the afternoon or early morning or late evening or WHENEVER SHE FREAKING DECIDES TO SHOW UP… Continue reading A Watched Pot BURNS!