Friday Freebie: Coffee Date

A belated gift to your for National Coffee Day (this past Tuesday.) Behold: The Coffee Date... #             When he told her he loved her, she asked him why. They’d been sitting at the same sticky counter of the same dingy café for an hour, tops, and the words had been somewhat of a shock… Continue reading Friday Freebie: Coffee Date


A Freebie Friday = Random Writing

Unedited/uncensored writing taken from writing group over a week ago. Rough. Very rough. You have been warned. # He couldn't decided between the white and the black. One shirt screamed "Hipster! Goth! Beatnik!" While the other, also a button-up, said "Formal! Respectable! Promotion!" Henri wished the clothes on the rack would stop talking to him.… Continue reading A Freebie Friday = Random Writing