Cover Reveal? (Things Heard in a Graveyard)

I'm not entirely sure that this is what I'm going with, but here's what I'm thinking for my cover. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Should I scrap it and buy some different art? Front and back, there it be^ (Sadly, I cannot do anything but color on the spine. I only have Paint to work with for… Continue reading Cover Reveal? (Things Heard in a Graveyard)


Things Heard… Cover Help!

Later this year, after Clean Reads has released Circus in a Shot Glass, I'll be releasing a novelette (Things Heard in a Graveyard) under a pen name. My editor is all lined up, formatting is looking good. There's one big thing I'm missing: THE COVER! Please help me decide on a cover. I have three options… Continue reading Things Heard… Cover Help!