If You Can’t Think of Anything to Say…

…open a dialogue box and start typing, wot wot! Ready to find out what this blog post is about? ME, TOO!

There’s the old adage: if you can’t think of anything nice to say, don’t say anything. Let’s twist that a little, shall we? Let’s face it, I’m a little twisted anyway. Or maybe reword it is a better phrase:

The Internet is full of trolls: don’t feed them, and don’t become one. TROLL in the DUNGEON. TROLL IN THE DUNGEON…thought you ought to know *faints* (For all you non-Harry Potter people, I feel great pity.)


(To the tune of the hit single “Radioactive“)

I’m typing up
A quick response
To Rude_Butt_Number_One_Idiot
He’s really ticked me off now
Grr! RAWR!

I’m raging on
I’m calling names
He’s the one you should really blame
This is it: I’m reporting him. Whoa-oo!

I’m logging off

This tool’s got the best of me
I’m throwing fits (and my TV)
Welcome to a new rage
User webpage
I need to disengage
This day and age

Whoa-ooo, Whoa-ooo,
I’m over-reactive, over-reactive
Ooh, oohh,
I’m over-reactive, over-reactive


Anger’s got me snowed
The site has banned him and I
Don’t feed the trolls
They’re on ev’ry site


Thoughts on trolls? Ever dealt with one?

Keep your pen on the page,