Progress Report

Not awe-inspiring, but here's my word count for the weekdays: And I've revised/edited 164 pages (some pages I went over up to three times.) So, here's where a few of the projects stand at: CIASG: Almost ready for submission in March Goblets novel: (Draft one) 24,803 words Doomsday project: (Draft one): 6,486 words I'm ready… Continue reading Progress Report


From the Weekend

This past weekend was full of trying to keep up with writing assignments for a free online class (there is no grading/credits on this one.) In the (approximate) words of my Critique Circle friend Sassy: if this welcome week is supposed to be fun and relaxed, I'll be dead by the end of the actual… Continue reading From the Weekend


Buttload of Writing to Do

The list of things to be written is growing. Oi vey. Do you want to see the list of titles? OF COURSE YOU DO! Projects in no particular order (all are in various stages of development) Excalibur Lucan and the Medieval Murders Doggone It!: An Arthur Slow Mystery They Were Heroes: Jane Austen Willoughby’s Regrets Racing… Continue reading Buttload of Writing to Do