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Sales: The Cold, Hard Truth

Wow, that is not a catchy headline for this blog post. Sorry, guys. I guess I've been a bit of a downer IRL lately. Online? I haven't been as present, as you've probably noticed from my lack of posts. I really want to be positive on here, so I'm going to deviate a minute from… Continue reading Sales: The Cold, Hard Truth

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A Q&A: Christopher’s Question

Recently, a friend posed this question on Facebook, and I decided to post my answer here on this blog: Q: How do you know what errors/typos you have [when you edit]? – Christopher A: That’s an excellent question. There are different style guides that a publisher will go by. Or, if you’re self-publishing, there’s The… Continue reading A Q&A: Christopher’s Question

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Tea: This Writer’s Beverage of Choice

Tea is a yummy beverage with a rich history and cool customs. “I like tea. Tea doesn’t make me sad.” – Circus in a Shot Glass (Clean Reads 2018) Everyone has a preferred beverage or two. My brother’s is diet Mountain Dew. My niece’s is chocolate milk (or Olive Garden’s berry smoothie, depending on what… Continue reading Tea: This Writer’s Beverage of Choice


Things Heard… Cover Help!

Later this year, after Clean Reads has released Circus in a Shot Glass, I'll be releasing a novelette (Things Heard in a Graveyard) under a pen name. My editor is all lined up, formatting is looking good. There's one big thing I'm missing: THE COVER! Please help me decide on a cover. I have three options… Continue reading Things Heard… Cover Help!


A Short History of Lady Catherine Says

I didn't know about Jane Austen. I mean, wasn't she some long-dead author of some novel-book-thingies? Yeah, they sounded too girly. I was a tomboy. So I read lots of good books, mostly genre (which is great!) But until around 2005, I did not know what I was missing. My friends the Allen family introduced… Continue reading A Short History of Lady Catherine Says


Truth in Fiction and a Bowie Update

“A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.” - Ernest Hemingway Honesty's the best policy. As a writer, I'm a truth-teller and yet a deceiver: Truth is wrapped up in a jacket of lies. I lie so I can tell the… Continue reading Truth in Fiction and a Bowie Update


Cats and Editing Don’t Mix

Did I mention I have a kitten? Internet, meet Bowie! ('Scuse the mess.) I finished my content edits for Circus in a Shot Glass (coming out from Clean Reads later this year) before Bowie arrived. Line edits (fixing punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc.) came after Bowie arrived and, well...things were interesting, to say the least. Trying… Continue reading Cats and Editing Don’t Mix